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No matter the make or model, we can help you with your locks, keys, and ignitions.

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Image of a portable automotive car key programming computer

When you need a new fob, remote, or transponder head key programmed, a locksmith will hook their portable programmer up to the car’s computer via the OBD port under the dash. Then they can replicate the code necessary to open your doors and start the car.

If you’ve ever been unexpectedly locked out of your car, then we’re sure you’re familiar with the sense of panic that can occur. When you need to get to work, there’s nothing worse than having to choose between busting one of your windows and trying to sprint 10 miles in 30 minutes. That’s why when you’re in a hurry and need your car unlocked, you can call us at Locksmith of Gilbert.

We offer 24/7 emergency car locksmith services in the GIlbert area, and can usually solve just about every lock, key, or door issue on our first trip. Our mobile technicians will come out to meet you as soon as they can get there. We want to do things the right way for our clients, so we’ll always be as explicit as possible when explaining the parameters of a job and the fees involved. That being said, we try to keep our rates as affordable as possible.

Car Key Locksmith Services

When your car key gets busted, it can be more than an inconvenience. It might prevent you from getting to the airport for a vacation, or make you late for a big presentation, or cause you to miss an important medical appointment. A broken key or key fob isn’t just irritating — it can be a serious problem, especially when you need access to your car right away.

At Locksmith of Gilbert, we have plenty of experience in repairing and replacing car keys. While many dealerships like to push the idea that you should only get a replacement key from them (at sky-high prices), the truth is anyone with the right equipment can manufacture a car key for you. With our premium car key cutting equipment from reputable brands like Schlage, DormaKaba, and ASSA, we can make virtually any kind of car key. Usually, the prices will be much cheaper as well.

While there are some car brands we don’t make keys for, most brands are easy. As of now, we can repair and replace keys from these manufacturers:

  • Ford
  • Chrysler
  • Jeep
  • Honda
  • Chevy
  • Dodge
  • Mercedes
  • Land Rover
  • BMW
  • VW
  • Audi
  • Toyota
  • Jaguar
  • and more!

Besides replacing keys, we also work on the electronics that make features like keyless entry and remote start/stop function properly. If your key fob no longer silences your alarm or only starts on the fifth button press, then we’re probably able to help. Our key programmers can work on smart proximity remote keys, transponder key programming, VATS keys, and any other type of smart key your car uses.

Additional Services

Other services we offer involve a locking mechanism on your car that you might not be familiar with: your ignition! We offer ignition and door lock replacements, can fix broken ignition locks, and rekey your ignition. An essential part of your car functioning properly, we’ve learned over the years that our customers often have ignition problems and think their keys are to blame for their problem. Luckily, we can easily identify when your ignition needs reparation or replacement. It’s just another service that we can provide pretty easily after 10 years of experience.

So, if you have any need of a car locksmith or any of the services we’ve talked about, feel free to give us a call at Locksmith of Gilbert.